Q. What is a wall hanging?
A. The wall hangings I create are made on fabric.I use a combination of hand-dyed and commercially made fabrics such as cotton, silk, velvet, and batik. You may wish to have your own fabric incorporated into your wall hanging, such as your children’s clothes, childhood blankets, or grandma’s linens.On top of the fabric I add a variety of layers using different media, including heat-set photographs, fabric paint, silkscreen designs, etchings, block printing, embroidery, beadwork, appliqué, and quilting.I finish the pieces in two different ways. I can back your wall hanging with quilted fabric and sew loops on the top so the piece can be hung from a rod or dowel. I can also stretch your wall hanging onto a wooden frame like a canvas painting.

Q. Why commission a wall hanging?
A. Some people commission a wall hanging to celebrate their family, a meaningful place, or a profound experience. Others have one made for a special birthday, anniversary, graduation, or holiday gift.

Q. Why is your business called Map of the Heart?
A. The focus of my art is to incorporate memories, stories, and feelings into a visual form. Since these qualities are personal, no two wall hangings are the same.Love is what links all of my wall hangings. I make wall hangings that celebrate what people most love. In essence, my finished pieces become a textile map of your heart.

Q. How do you create a wall hanging?
A. We work together to create a specific theme or design. For example, if you choose to celebrate your family with a wall hanging, some questions we would discuss might be: Do you want the image of your family painted or photographed? If painted, would you prefer a realistic, expressionistic, surreal, or abstract image? What’s important about this family? Are there specific stories or experiences that should be represented or will the wall hanging primarily focus on the essence of the family? Some other general questions would include the size, color scheme, type of fabric, and the complexity of design.

Q. What if I don’t have any photographs of the image I want to commemorate in my wall hanging?
A. I am an excellent photographer and can digitally photograph individuals, families, and/or (local) places for incorporation into your wall hanging.

Q. How much do the wall hangings cost?
A. The price depends on a variety of factors such as size, choice of fabric, and the degree of painting, detail, and beadwork. Typically, the price ranges between $500 to $2,500.

Q. How long does it take to create a wall hanging?
A. Again, that will depend on the size and complexity of the design. It usually takes 2 weeks to 2 months to create a wall hanging.

Q. Can we be involved in the development of the wall hanging?
A. Absolutely. Since your wall hanging is very personal, I encourage your participation in the process. You may want to see the piece after each step, midway, or be surprised and wait until the piece is finished.

Q. What is the best way to contact you?
A. You can either contact me via email or call me at 707.779.9888.