selfieSam Miller has spent her entire life creating art.  For the past 15 years, she has been honored by local communities and private institutions for her murals, painting, sculpture, and photography.  She has taught thousands of elementary school students how to unleash the artist in themselves while teaching teachers how to make art a powerful tool for change.  Sam fervently believes that everything is “artable.”  Much to her mother’s chagrin, Sam even turned her car into a mobile canvas. 

Currently, she devotes her time working closely with clients who commission personalized wall hangings.  Each piece is tailored to the heart and aesthetic of each client.  Clients choose from a variety of techniques and media such as realistic portraiture, layered fabric, abstract painting, digital photography, linoleum block printing, etching, embroidery, hand-beading, and/or quilting.  Clients also decide their level of involvement in their piece.  Some wish to take part in each step of the process; others want to know the broad strokes, and there are those who seek to be surprised at the unveiling of their piece. 

It is Sam’s gift to make art which honors what people deeply love; it is her passion to make art that also heals.  Each commissioned piece centers around what one loves – family, pets, memories, experiences, nature.   This love creates a connection between one’s heart and the art.  Simply looking at the wall hanging can open and soften one’s heart.  Globally, the connection transmits loving energy that has the power to restore the balance of our planet. 

Love lives in our hearts and is the fabric that holds us together.  Sam Miller’s gift is to give this love a visual home.